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  • Alonzo R., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Professional training environment. I enjoy classes and do not feel like I'm going to a school full of ego. Everyone naturally understands we are all students trying to get the best out of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu that we can. Instructor is all about you pushing yourself and feeling accomplished.

    Alonzo R.
  • Jason V., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Gracie gym is more than a's a family. Of course you get the best instruction possible but with it comes lifelong friendships and a safe environment to bring kids to train as well.

    Jason V.
  • Rafael O., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    This is more than a 5 star Gracie Jiu-Jitsu knowledge. We are family and that is priceless!

    Rafael O.
  • Tiffani J., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Let me start off by saying that before enrolling my son at Gracie Gym, we had ZERO ties to the gym. We knew none of the instructors, staff, students and had no personal business motives.

    I started off enrolling my seven year old son at some other area gyms and was far from impressed with the quality or structure of their programs. We did more research on local businesses and ran into Gracie Gym. What a breath of fresh air!!!

    Not only was the staff friendly, helpful and encouraging, but the students and parents were friendly as well. They were very clear and forward when discussing their prices, programs and credentials. I opted to go with a contract which was ONE page and it couldn't have been The various classes, programs and payment options were a welcomed surprise. I feel as if there are programs that would fit any age, experience, and schedule.

    I'm involved in the medical field and being the germaphobe that I am, I was highly impressed with the cleanliness of their facilities. I later found out that Gracie Gym Plano has their mats professional cleaned and treated to ensure their students and staff are kept healthy and safe. (They clearly display all of their sanitation and disinfection information.) After over a year of my son training there, he has yet to contract any sort of infection, disorder, or even a rash, nor have I heard of anybody else. In my opinion, I would rather my son attend a gym that has a track record of cleanliness than a gym where staff members (whom are not professionally trained in sanitation) say they sanitize the facilities on a regular basis.

    After allowing my son to join a trial class, I was pleased to see how encouraging, supportive, motivating, and patient the instructors and professor were. I noticed it was disciplined yet still nurturing and fun at the same time. It became abundantly clear that the staff cared about their students. I was also taken aback by the level of attentiveness of the students. BIG CHANGE from where we'd been before. The professor actively engaged the students using hands on instruction. I was impressed to say the least and was easy to see why the Gracie Family has had such success with their students and teachings.

    I've never had a problem with Gracie Gym Plano and couldn't be happier. This is a great place to call our "Gym Home." I would suggest to anybody wondering about the gym and enrolling in a Gracie program, stop by the gym and see it for yourself and I highly suggest trying a trial class. You'll see why they consistently come out on top.

    Tiffani J.
  • Vane S., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    If you had walked into Gracie Gym Plano with me for my first session you would have seen the worry in my face almost immediately vanish as I realized that I had found exactly what I was looking for: a clean gym with a friendly staff, committed students, and a knowledgeable instructor who understands the needs of the beginner student yet can challenge the most advanced student when necessary.

    In the few months I've spent at Gracie Gym Plano I've lost 12.6 lbs, made friends with virtually every student I've trained with, and noticed an immeasurable increase in my self-confidence.

    If you're looking for a gym that will help you grow into a healthier, more confident, stronger version of yourself all without having to deal with ego-driven students or a pretentious instructor you've found exactly that and much more in Gracie Gym Plano.

    Vane S.
  • Justin C., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    This is a fantastic gym. Alex is a talented and knowledgeable instructor who makes the classes both challenging and fun. Everyone at the gym from the front staff to the other members are approachable and helpful from the moment you enter the gym. They all made me feel welcome from the first day. Thanks to everyone's guidance and encouragement I will be entering my first tournament in August!

    Justin C.
  • JJ W., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Best dang workout I've had in years. Thank you Professor Alex. Also thank you to my mat partners and Instructor Brent. Great lunch time class!

    JJ W.
  • Justin B., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    I had a great training session here at Gracie gym. The instructions and skills were great and the members were great to train with.

    Justin B.
  • Travis V., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Joining Gracie Gym Plano two months ago has been my first experience with martial arts, and now I can't remember why I was ever nervous to join a gym.

    What I like about the gym is that it has a good, family-oriented culture to it. Everyone who trains there goes about it the right way; everyone makes sure to keep each other safe, and no one has an attitude or ego. The experienced members respect new guys who give a good effort, and each of them can teach you something new.

    Classes are guided by Alex Faria, who traveled to London to earn his black belt from Roger Gracie. He keeps the class upbeat, and he does a good job of preparing students for their various aspirations with BJJ, like competition or general self defense.

    If you're still reading this, you're totally interested already. You may as well give it a shot!

    Travis V.
  • Long Shan Li, Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Head Instructor Alex Faria trained my son Alex very well. Instructor and other staffs are so nice and friendly. This is just an awesome place we are looking for.

    Long Shan Li
  • Ian W., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Just a few quick things, very nice gym, clean, and a great location. Great instruction from a phenomenal black belt, Alex Faria, who knows how to make a new student feel welcome and knows how to challenge an experienced practitioner.

    Ian W.
  • Leonid V., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Great place to learn jiujitsu from great masters. Great place for kids. My daughter is going there for year and a half and I see big difference. She gained a lot of confidence and strength. Thank you masters Alex and Igor.

    Leonid V.
  • Baron B., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Clean gym, great training partners and world class instruction from the lineage of the family that started it all.

    Baron B.
  • Clayton M., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    The people are kind and encouraging. I worked with this guy Igor and he simplifies the techniques. It was a great experience. One I wish to continue!

    Clayton M.
  • Matt C., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Great place to work your game! Very diverse group of students. I've been there for over two years and have had a very positive experience.

    Matt C.
  • David R., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Came here from the Chicago area - I am a member of Carlson Gracie and I'm on vacation. This is already family, already being treated like one of their own! Can't beat Gracie instruction!

    David R.
  • Raul U., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    That is the crib of Jiu-Jitsu!! Gracies are the best and more experienced!

    Raul U.
  • Matthew K., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Signed my boy up and I. The experience that we share is priceless. I highly recommend signing up today.

    Matthew K.
  • Mike H., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    My Jiu Jitsu has improved very rapidly under Professor Marcus and the team at Gracie Gym Plano! It is just an awesome place to train and enjoy life with, much more than just a gym more like a family. We all hang out regularly away from the gym and I even got the opportunity to watch a UFC fight with the great Renzo Gracie!

    Mike H.
  • Christopher B., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    I trained at Gracie Gym for two months; I had to stop because of work, but the time I was there was amazing. Very friendly atmosphere.

    Christopher B.
  • Chris G., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Hands down, the best BJJ academy in North Texas!

    Chris G.
  • Andrew W., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    When i first walked into the Gracie Gym it was immediately welcoming like going to your grandmothers house for a visit. The staff was extremely courteous and professional and didn't make me feel like i had to "buy their product" but rather wanted to allow me to experience the atmosphere and see Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for myself. There are no words to describe how amazing the actual class was it made me exhausted but so hungry for more that my mind completely forgot the tiredness. At the end of the class my Gi was soaked with sweat and satisfaction from learning the most complete sport and art form that I immediately signed up and since that day my experience here has only gotten better. A lot of gyms say they are like a family but this one truly is, the extent that my fellow mat mates have gone for me is unprecedented and truly humbling to be around. And as if it couldn't get any better the network of professions are profound, there are guys here that are chiropractors, doctors, lawyers, CrossFit coaches and everything in between that are more than happy to help you and offer their services at a family rate. If your thinking about Jiu-Jitsu please look no further, this place has been a god send and it is truly learning from the source as the Professor has been training and competing with the Gracie family for 20+ years and is married into the family through his wife Kyvia Gracie who is one of the kindest, caring and generous person you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

    Andrew W.
  • Marcus N., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Gracie Gym Plano is not just a jiu-jitsu team!! We are a family!! Thanks for all the support from the students, parents and friends. Without you guys we would never be able to make it!! Thank you so much!!

    Marcus N.
  • Nik M., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Worth a visit! Great training!

    Nik M.
  • Matt C., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Marcus is one of the best teachers I've ever been with.

    Matt C.
  • Alessandro P., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    The best jiu jiutsu!

    Alessandro P.
  • Martin K., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    The best academy I've ever attended! Hands on instructors & nice atmosphere!

    Martin K.
  • J.B. F., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Great instruction, professor is a great guy.

    J.B. F.
  • Sherry Y., Gracie Gym Testimonials

    Wonderful caring people!

    Sherry Y.


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